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We have been searching for activities to help our students practice prefixes and they are hard to find!  We’ve created this collection of games and printables to help you assess and teach prefixes in your second grade classroom.  Most of the activities are created to help students master CCSS.ELA-Literacy. L.2.4.b in which students are expected to understand the meanings of words with prefixes.

Assessment  This was created to be a pre- and post-assessment.  It will make it easy for you to track progress towards the CCSS.


Anchor Chart Poster  This fun and colorful poster includes the prefixes un, re, mis and pre.  Each has a definition.

The Right Box  This is designed to be a center.  Print the crayon boxes and glue the pages to a file folder then laminate.  Laminate the crayons and cut apart.  Students then sort each crayon by putting it on the correct box.  This is also a good list of words for students to use to practice 2nd grade CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.2.3.d, decoding words with common prefixes.



Peace, Love and Prefixes  A fun file folder game where students match each word with its meaning.




Prefix Match  A set of 16 preprogrammed cards.  This set includes 8 words containing prefixes and 8 definitions.  Students can play memory, go fish or any other game with this set.  Created on a fun rainbow-themed background.



Prefix Practice  These sheets have four words with prefixes.  Students show they understand the meaning by drawing a picture of each word.  Prefix Practice 1    Prefix Practice 2

Prefix Addition  Students add together a prefix and root word to create a new word.  Students then illustrate each word.

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