Independent Student Work

The first week always seems to be filled with paperwork, collecting supplies and individual assessments.  It is often difficult to keep students engaged while the teacher completes these tasks.  Below, we have put together a collection of independent work that will hopefully help to keep your excited students on task!

Back to School Word Search

All About Me

Who Am I?  Students complete the questions about themselves and draw a picture.  (A word bank is provided to assist with spelling.)  When students have finished, have classmates try to guess who each student is.  These can also be a good item to hang up for open house to help parents learn about their child’s classmates.

The Book I Picked  Find out how well students know basic text features.  Students find and write the title and author’s name.  They then draw a picture to show a part of their book.

Design Your Bookmarks  Print this page and have each student create four bookmarks.  These can be laminated, cut apart and placed in their book baggie or box.   These large bookmarks are also a great reading tool when used for tracking during reading workshop.

Me Poster  Students use words and pictures to tell about themselves.  Consider this a free draw for your students to share information about themselves.  As an extension, have students share their posters with classmates.

What’s the Order?  Students put groups of 5 numbers in order from least to greatest.

People, Places & Things In this simple noun activity, students cut the noun cards and paste them in the correct category.

Learn about your students through simple sentence writing and pictures with these activities. 

My Family  simple for K/1 classes                  My Family  for 1/2 classes

My Home  simple for K/1 classes                    My Home  for 1/2 classes

My Summer simple for K/1 classes                My Summer for 1/2 classes

What I Like to Do  simple for K/1 classes      What I Like to Do for 1/2 classes


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