Organizing Task Cards & Centers

We’ve had many requests for ideas on how to organize task cards and centers recently.  We understand the need! It’s great to have so many ready to go activities, but organizing them in a nice and tidy way has posed a problem. We’ve experimented with a few different ideas. Below we are sharing the ones that have been most successful. If you have found other ways, please share your ideas!

1. Coupon Organizer Amazon has many styles and colors in these. The one we purchased is cute with a damask print and sturdy. It comes with files and labels. We have decided to first place our cards in a baggie and then in the organizer so that the cards do not get mixed up. The drawback is the size. We are using it as a way to store the cards we are using for the week. They are then easily available.


2.   Binder Rings & Duck Tape This is a cheap and easy way to put together your cards. Place the cards in a baggie. Put Duck Tape on the edge and hole punch. You can then place the baggies on a ring. The rings can be hung on a bulletin board or placed into a basket for storage. If you collect too many cards, this option might still get a little messy.


3. CD Storage Box  We’re trying this one next!  The coupon organizer and binder rings are working but we need something bigger!  We are ordering CD storage boxes and the storage sleeves for CDs.  We’re going to place each card set in a CD sleeve and file them in the box.  We think this might be the best idea!


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