Planning Day 3 of Small Group Instruction

This is the third of five posts.  If you skipped the first two days, you can find them here…

Your kids have explored new words and read the text.  Now it is time to work on comprehension strategies.  There are an endless amount of ways to do this.  One idea we suggest is to align what you are doing in your small groups with what you are doing during your reading workshop mini-lesson.

 My Picture Walk  Students draw six pictures of to show what happened in their book.  This is good to help students recall details and to help them practice sequencing events.  When they finish, cut apart the pictures and students can put them in order.

Main Idea Organizer  Students write the topic in the middle and add details in the circles surrounding.  (Great for nonfiction texts!)

Beginning, Middle and End  Students use words and pictures to tell about the beginning, middle and end.

You will find ideas on asking and answering questions here:  (This post also has a great story map!)

You will find ideas on making connections here:

You will find idea on working on character traits:

Do you have other ideas for Day 3?  Please share your suggestions!


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