Reading Management Binder

Be completely prepared as you head to your PLC meeting to discuss strategies and interventions for your struggling readers.  This Reading Management Binder will provide you with an organized way to keep track of all of your reading materials – plans, conference notes, progress monitoring and data – so that you’re ready for these important discussions about your students’ reading growth.  Also, pull out this binder at conference time to make sure you’re prepared for parents’ questions about their student’s growth!



**For ease in finding your resources we have divided this post into categories we feel are important for planning and showing student growth.  However, we recommend that your reading management binder contain a planning section, a tab for each student in your class, and then a section to place all of your whole class reports and documents.  This Please let us know if there is something else we can create for you for this binder!

Reading Conversion Chart – Put this helpful form at the very front of your Reading Management Binder for a handy and useful resource.




Reading Plans – This would be a great spot to keep your lessons for each Unit of Study and your Reading Common Core Checklist.  You will find The Curriculum Corner’s first Unit of Study – Launching Readers’ Workshop here –  And you will find The Curriculum Corner’s Reading Common Core Checklist here –

Units of Study at a Glance  Lay out your year by writing in the focus for each month.




Student Groupings – This is a multipurpose form that can be used to keep track of the ever-changing fluid groups you have during Literacy Center time.




Literacy Center Planning Sheet  This is designed to help you plan your small group literacy centers.  Keep track of each center and its goal.




Small Group Instruction Planning Sheet  This form helps you plan for each of your small groups for guided reading.




Conference Notes

3 Box Conference Form  Perfect for the teacher who likes to make many notes during the conference.

6 Box Conference Form  Gives you enough room to include the most important observations while still allowing you to see record of six conferences per student at once.

Horizontal Conference Form Allows you to put notes from 9 student conferences on one form.  This is useful for easily tracking student reading growth over a short period of time.

Progress Monitoring

Running Record Form  Use this form to complete a running record with any text.




Class Observations Recording Form – Use this resource to keep track of groups of students who need specific interventions.




Individual Student Intervention Recording Form – Use this form to keep track of each student’s interventions throughout the year.




Fry Progress Master List  This form can be used to keep track of which Fry list each student is currently working on mastering.  Available as a pdf or word document.  Print the pdf and hand write your student names or use the word document so you can electronically add your student names.

Fry Progress Word Document        Fry Progress PDF Document


The following forms keep track of Fry Word Mastery for all 1000 Fry Words.  Each form has three columns to show three different assessment dates for each set of words.

Fry List 1    Fry List 2    Fry List 3    Fry List 4    Fry List 5

Fry List 6    Fry List 7    Fry List 8    Fry List 9    Fry List 10

Student Data

Running Record Data Form 1  This form is designed to track whole class growth.  It includes sections for the level and percent accuracy.

Running Record Data Form 2  This form is designed to track whole class growth.  It includes sections for the level, percent accuracy, self corrections and comprehension.

Individual Running Record Data This form is designed to track progress for each student.  Print one for each student.  It allows you to record the date, title, level, percent accuracy, self corrections and comprehension.  It also contains a spot for observations and a column for circling too easy, instructional or too hard.





Star Reading Data

Early Literacy Data

DRA Data

F & P Guided Reading Levels Growth Chart

Rigby Reading Levels Growth Chart

Reading A to Z Growth Chart

**This is also a good place to keep Star Reader, Star Early Literacy and Accelerated Reader reports that you’ve printed off.

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