Overseas Assignment Agreement

by Jill & Cathy on April 11, 2021

Cisco153s` personnel policies and business standards apply to your mission, unless a company representative authorized to make this exception offers a written waiver or is not stipulated in this Agreement. The maximum value of benefits under the “Current Allowances and Repayments” section of this agreement, including the value of all payments related to EY`s tax and other tax advisory services, and the value of all benefits in accordance with the cisco153s tax equality policy, but without the value of all benefits in the repetrication section of this agreement after the conclusion of your international assignment. , usd 508,420 in terms of benefits for the 2012 financial year and USD 536,000 in terms of benefits for the 2013 financial year not to exceed, based on the exchange rate of the euro at 14401 USD, which came into effect on July 31, 2011. Your international mission is covered by the Cisco153s equalization policy and you acknowledge that you have accepted all the conditions set out in Schedule B. Their wages are subject to hypothetical annual tax deductions in the amounts set by Ernst and Young (“EY”). Cisco153`s philosophy of tax compensation is that, as an international agent, you will not earn or materially lose the differences in income and social contributions between your country of origin and your host country in certain parameters. Tax compensation applies to Cisco capital premiums, as outlined in the tax equalization policy. Cisco has retained EY, an independent tax accounting company, to help prepare your tax reporting obligations in your home country and country and prepare annual tax compensation calculations. For any questions, please contact [ ] in [] in THE EY153s Tax Department [] Cisco grants you from 31 July 2012 a flat-rate moving allowance of EUR 34,720 (US$50,000 as of July 31, 2011) per year for moving, adapting and transition aids in the Netherlands.

Payment continues on the occasion or on each anniversary of the start of your international engagement. This payment is made in place of other moving payments under the International Transfer Directive. Once your international mission is complete, Cisco will provide you with moving assistance as part of your move to the Netherlands.

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