Rent Agreement In Absher

by Jill & Cathy on April 11, 2021

The Ejar system was set up by the Ministry of Housing and forced all real estate companies to join their electronic Ijar system, which aims to regulate the rental market through measures to protect the rights of landlords and tenants and to control rents. Here is the procedure for registering leases with Ejar System. While expats usually enter into a legal lease or Aqd Ejar in Saudi Arabia, a new law has been passed, complicating matters. But don`t worry, Qsaudi is here to find out what steps you need to take. The AEE website is available here. It works essentially to connect all parties to the rental or rental process: tenant, landlord and agent (aqqari). Each real estate agency enters the system and files documents for approval. After admission, they receive training and certifications. Then, the owners approach these aqqaris to register their real estate for rent.

The system defines the rights of tenants and landlords by signing a lease by both parties via the Ijar network. If all goes well, you can accept the lease in Saudi Arabia by clicking on the “Accept” button. On the next screen, you need to confirm acceptance. Ejar aims to preserve the rights of tenants at all stages of the rental process, starting with the inspection of the housing unit, guarantees its integrity before signing the standard contract with the lessor, who is in turn required to carry out regular maintenance and is responsible for the safety of the buildings, and ends with the facilitation of the rental process for the tenant by the Rental Services E-Network “Ejar which allows the tenant to benefit from a certain number of services, including: According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the registration of the lease with the Ejar electronic system is mandatory for the issuance and renewal of work permits for non-Saudis. Finally, when a tenant approaches the Aqqari and decides which property should be rented, he must register all the information on the AEAR website. Once the lease is prepared and signed by all parties, its data will be uploaded to EJAR. Agents are waiting for authentication. Finally, once the process is complete, details of the rental amount, payment terms and payments due are linked to the user accounts.

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