Uc Articulation Agreement

by Jill & Cathy on April 13, 2021

Visit assist.org/ to find the full list of the main preparation and listing courses in your college. The UCI articulation agreements on the ASSIST include news and updates from the majors and admission requirements for the fall of 2020. Each articulation agreement contains both the official language of the contract (duration, signatures, etc.) and a faculty-centered transfer degree card, which contains one semester-per-semester course! Explore the institution below to see if your university/university and major has an articulation agreement. Transfer Degree Map model began in September 2019. Agreements before this period should not include the semester-by-semester route. The articulation agreements developed with our partner institutions define a relationship that makes it easier for students to reach the University of Cincinnati. Uc has articulation agreements with several universities throughout the country (below). Transfer opportunities are not limited to the schools/programs mentioned here. If your school/program is not on the list, contact the Transfer – Transition Advising Center to check your course work and discuss transfer options. General Agreements on Large-scale Education and Training General Agreements on large-scale education and training define community courses that can be used to meet the general educational and breadth requirements of some higher education institutions and schools on a given UC campus. Campus articulation officers are liaison officers between community college articulation officers and UC deans. Learn more about articulation agreements with international institutions. Transfer Degree Maps is a clear path between the associated degrees selected at local community colleges and the license degrees compatible with the UC.

Based on the articulation agreements below, we have drawn some clear lines between selected associated degrees in local community colleges and UC-compatible bachelor`s degrees. Current course agreements indicate courses in the college community that are comparable or “acceptable” with the corresponding courses on a given UC campus. Click on your school below to view the UCI 2018-19 articulation agreements. Please note that these documents are temporary guides. For more information, visit assist.org/ Learn the basics of the UC system`s reach and campus-specific articulation.

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