Agreement Between India And China On Lac

by Jill & Cathy on September 9, 2021

While the agreements remain in force, the recent massive mobilization of troops, tanks, armored carriers and air defenses very close to the LAC is contrary to the conditions. Since the collision in the Galwan Valley on June 15, the army has authorized its local commanders to take appropriate action when situations change, and shots have been fired recently, the first on the LAC since 1975. Thousands of soldiers and weapons continue to be deployed in the immediate vicinity, in some places within a few hundred meters of the other, so the probability of an accidental or accidental escalation, which can lead to a major confrontation, remains high. Singh said that in response to “China`s action, our armed forces have also carried out appropriate counter-measures in these areas to ensure that India`s borders are fully protected.” China has rounded up between 300 and 400 tanks along the LAC. They are located in different locations, including Depsang, in front of hot springs and the area between Spanggur Tso (or lake) and Rechin La. Signed in New Delhi on 11 April 2005, available in the AMF`s Chinese contract database in English, Chinese and Hindi. You can also find the English text of the agreement in the Indian MEA Indian Treaty Database. Article 1 provides that “differences on the question of borders shall not affect the overall development of bilateral relations. The two sides will resolve the border issue through peaceful and friendly consultations. A meeting is imminent between the Indian army and PLA CORPS commanders along the LAKE – the sixth since June – although few people in Delhi expect anything important to come out of it, except for more cover-up on the Chinese side.

Security sources said it now appears that China has militarily generated a “new normal” along the old LAC through its continued aggression and confident military stance, which has worked to achieve its “paused” 1962 plans. As a result, India was faced with a new fait accompli with regard to the new territorial orientations created by the People`s Liberation Army, which would ultimately have little choice but to accept, as its military, economic, diplomatic or political influence over China was insufficient. Signed in New Delhi on 17 January 2012, available in the AMF`s Chinese contract database in English, Chinese and Hindi. The English text of the agreement can also be found in the AMER Indian Treaty Database. The two sides agree to establish the WMCC to settle important border issues related to the maintenance of peace and tranquility in the border areas between India and China. (Article 1) The CMCC is chaired by an official at the level of the Joint Secretary of the Indian MEA and an official at the level of the Director General of the Chinese AMF and will be composed of diplomatic and military officials from both sides. . . .

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