Change In Visitation Agreement

by Jill & Cathy on September 13, 2021

Some Texas courts have stated that a reduction in a parent`s salary can be a significant and substantial change in the circumstances that support a change in child support. To find out if you can win your motion to amend, talk to a lawyer who works in the borough where your orders were signed. In addition, the Harris County Law Library has a family law research guide if you need more research on the issue. The court may amend your orders to fairly distribute the increased costs. Normally, the court orders the person who moved to pay the additional costs. The court must believe that all changes to the orders are best for the children. Before the hearing, many courts refer parents to mediation to promote an agreement. If a parent alleges abuse or other security concerns, the court may order an assessment. In some situations, the courts authorize the modification of a custody or order of access. For example, you can`t change your child`s order of visit because your current partner wants you to spent time with them instead. If you agree with the other parent to easily deviate from a court order — for example, by postponing a weekly exchange for a few hours — you don`t need to get judicial authorization or change the order…

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