Client Relationship Agreement Merrill Lynch

by Jill & Cathy on September 14, 2021

If you work with your Merrill Lynch financial advisor to achieve your unique goals, you can choose from a wide network of accounts, retirement plans, price alternatives, cash access services, payment services, and credit facilities that meet a number of financial needs and goals. As part of this full service relationship, you may be proactively contacted by your financial advisor to provide financial resources, insights, product offerings and services that will help you build and implement your financial strategy. This means that your financial advisor is communicating with you as part of the service we offer you and that such communications will terminate any other privacy decisions you have made or will make outside of Merrill Lynch. Once you have entered into this agreement, you may add certain accounts and services to your Merrill Lynch relationship by following your selection with your financial advisor. If necessary, you will receive additional documents indicating the particularities of the service(s) you have selected. However, in most cases, you don`t need to sign additional forms or follow repetitive documents. We will update our registrations with the relevant information for each new service and avoid double formalities. In order to simplify the documentation of your household relationships with Merrill Lynch and to help you understand the nature of the agreements that underpin many of our accounts and services, we have prepared a Customer Relationship Agreement (Agreement). Merrill Lynch offers its products, accounts and services through different service models (e.g. B self-controlled or full service). Based on the service model, the same products, accounts, and similar services may vary in their prices or fees charged to a customer.


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