Magazine Advertising Agreement

by Jill & Cathy on September 26, 2021

S. Endorsements and Impression Calculations Millennium Magazine does not warrant assurance as to the quantity and/or quality of visits, impressions, editions or other uses of Millennium Magazine`s websites or applications or advertising, or the use of certain tracking or information-gathering devices, unless Millennium Magazine expressly agrees otherwise in writing. In addition, all impressions and/or other ad metrics for Millennium Magazine`s websites and apps are based exclusively on Millennium Magazine`s calculations for its websites and apps. For greater clarity, advertisers who request a specific billing plan or withholding tax will not be refunded/modified in the event of non-provision of guaranteed prints (if applicable). T. Errors or omissions in announcements In the event of errors or omissions in Millennium Magazine`s advertisements on its websites or applications (including, but not limited to, errors or omissions contained in converting the advertiser`s ads into an application), millennium magazine`s exclusive liability is limited to one credit of the amount paid, which is due to the error space (in no case does this credit exceed the total amount paid to Millennium Magazine). For the advertisement, for example) and Millennium Magazine assumes no responsibility, unless the error/omission is brought to the attention of Millennium Magazine no later than 5 days after the first publication of the advertisement. However, if a copy of the advertisement has been provided or verified by the advertiser, Millennium Magazine assumes no responsibility. In the event of blocking of Millennium Magazine`s websites or applications due to computer, software or network disruptions, traffic jams, repairs, strikes, accidents, fires, floods or other causes or contingencies or force majeure, which are not under the proper control of Millennium Magazine, it is agreed that such suspension does not invalidate an advertising agreement, but a) gives the possibility: cancel an advertising agreement, or if Millennium Magazine does not, b) the agreement will be continued after the takeover of Millennium Magazine`s websites and/or applications and Millennium Magazine will not assume any responsibility for any error, omission or damage caused by such suspension. . . .

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