What Is Service Agreement In Infosys

by Jill & Cathy on October 15, 2021

If you are not able to get the legal sheets, please have the contents of the service contract written in its entirety in the stamp paper with a total value of Rs. Step 6) Now you have the certification of the service contract, for which you do not have to take a headache. You can easily have it notarized on your membership date. They charge a fee of Rs 60 – I made some mistakes in the service contract, like the one I didn`t mention my father`s full name (didn`t develop the initials) and at the address I didn`t like making the full pin. Bangalore-77. I have already freed it. In the service contract, I put the date I printed it in the “Date of signature” field, I also put the date of membership in dd/mm/yy format, as written in the contract itself. .

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