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Vowel Blend Clip Cards – Literacy Center

These vowel blend cards are created to be used with clothespins. Print in color and laminate for an interactive and free literacy center.

FREE! Vowel blend cards literacy center from The Curriculum Corner | Clip Cards
Vowel Blend Clip Cards FREE from The Curriculum Corner | Word Work | Literacy CentersThis is a set of clip cards for students to practice identification of vowel blend in words.  For these cards simply print and cut, then put a sticker or a mark on the backs of the cards to show which vowel blend is the correct answer for the picture on the card.    After the answer has been marked, laminate the cards for durability and place them at a center with clothespins.

Students say the name of the picture, choose the correct vowel blend that would be in the word and then place the clip on the set of letters they choose.  Finally, they simply turn the card over for a self-check to see if they put the clip on the correct set of letters.

You can download this free set here: Vowel Blend Clip Cards

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As always, these vowel blend cards are designed for classroom or home use. They are created to be a free resource for teachers. You may print and copy for your personal, classroom use. You may not sell or alter and sell. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.