How to Add Free Nonfiction Resources to Your Classroom Library

Adding free nonfiction resources to your classroom library over the summer from The Research CornerAs you are traveling across the country this summer, take a moment to stop at all of those rest stops along the way.  They are always loaded with tons of free brochures about the state.  This is such a great way to begin collecting FREE nonfiction material for your classroom.  The brochures can be used as model texts – students can create their own brochures using the examples.  Or, use them for research.  These materials are always filled with facts about the destinations.  Looking for reading resources?  The materials can also be used as a resource when teaching students the difference between fact and opinion.  The brochures are a form of advertising.  Along with facts, they will also contain opinions trying to persuade people to visit.

Don’t worry, if you are not traveling anywhere spectacular over the summer, many states will send you free travel guides in the mail.  Just do a quick search on-line, fill in your information and your brochures will be on their way!

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