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Corner Spotlight – Tiffany Takes the Cake

by Jill & Cathy on September 13, 2014

You have already met her!  Yes!  This is the same Tiffany that we ADORE and who helps us plan some of our family meals in our Tastefully Yours With Tiffany!

Tiff has begun her own home business and blog within the last few months.  Her business and blog is called Tiffany Takes the Cake.  She makes and sells cakes for special events and then shares her creations on her blog, along with some great tips for anyone who wants to try their hand at cake decorating at home.  (Fortunately, we have been the lucky recipients of Tiffany’s cakes over the last few years for birthdays and other special occasions, so we know how talented she is.  We also have no plans of trying this at home for ourselves since we have HER to do all that for us!!  LOL!)

Here is a little about our friend, Tiff, and a link to her new blog!

Tiffany is a teacher turned cake decorator. She has eight years of professional experience.  She started doing cakes at home to better fit her family’s needs. Her husband says their house runs better when “management is on the premises” so this new business and blog was a perfect fit.  She lives with her husband, two sweet daughters, and a funny son. She says she loves to make people’s special occasions extra special with the perfect cake.

Here is a link to Tiffany’s website and blog:  Tiffany Takes the Cake

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