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Find a Fact Multiplication/Division

Find a Fact Multiplication and Division Practice Games | Summer Practice | FREE from The Curriculum Corner Intermediate students can still need help memorizing basic facts so we put together these find a fact printables in a summer theme.  These multiplication and division fact practice pages are for independent practice and can be used at a center or for summer practice at home.  Each page has a different design and collection of facts.


To play independently:  The facts are found forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards.  Students should circle the fact and write in the x or ÷ symbol along with an equal sign.

To play as a partner game:  These can easily become a partner game by having students take turns finding a fact.  The last player to find a fact is the winner.

You can download the collection of 8 boards here:  Find a Fact Practice

If you are looking for timed tests to use in your classroom, you will find our full collection below:

Addition Facts

Subtraction Facts

Multiplication Facts

Division Facts