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Our Mission

DSC_0478We are neighbors and friends who both have experience teaching second grade in the same very large and diverse school district.  Through conversations about our classrooms, we grew to recognize a need for a primary site where teachers can go to find what they need for planning and day to day instructional tools.  The introduction of the national Common Core standards and the identification of best practice through workshop teaching are streamlining our nation’s instruction and allowing for better collaboration among teachers. The development of stems from our dream to create a site where busy teachers can go to find current, relevant, meaningful and ready to go lessons and activities that fit their classroom structure and meet these common core standards.  This site is intended to always be a work in progress as new trends or ideas in instruction develop.   In addition to the primary website, we have also developed a family website which provides free resources for families, preschool and kindergarten teachers.  Recently we launched a site for intermediate teachers and have been busy creating resources to stock that site.  A near future endeavor is which will contain kid-friendly research passages and nonfiction graphic organizers.



Jill McEldowney

Jill graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1997 with a major in elementary education.  In 2002 she received her master’s degree in education from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She has spent her entire career in the 2nd and 3rd grades and has also had the opportunity to loop between those grades.  In her second year of teaching she was fortunate to be a part of the opening of a brand new elementary in her district and participated in building a school from the ground up.  It was an exciting opportunity and led to many leadership roles within the school, including mentor, team leader, curriculum developer and presenter.  In addition she was a team member for the school’s equity committee, piloting current strategies pertaining to equity principles.  After spending last year as a data specialist and instructional coach in her building, Jill has decided to take a year’s professional development leave to work on further developing the websites and to stay home with her new daughter.  She currently lives in Fishers, Indiana with her husband, Jason and three children.

Cathy Henry

Cathy graduated from Purdue University in 1999 with a major in elementary education and a minor in special education.  She began her teaching career in special education while earning a master’s degree in special education from IUPUI.  After three years in special education, she spent five years teaching fifth grade.   The past three years she has taught in a diverse second grade classroom using a workshop approach in the areas of reading and writing.  Her roots in special education have led to a drive to include all students in classroom instruction.  A focus in her classroom is finding an instructional match for all students.  She currently lives in Fishers, IN  with her husband Doug and their two sons.  They are expecting Henry #3 in January of 2014!!



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