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At Home Book Nook

by Jill & Cathy on October 11, 2012

Create a reading station for your child! Use the ideas we’ve listed below to create your child’s very own reading center. We’ve included many suggestions and tips to help you teach your child to read.




Find our parent reading tips here…

Here are the tools we’ve included in our kit…

Just Right Books (These are books that are not too hard for your child. Books that are too hard will lead to frustration. Open the book and have your child read the first page. If there are many words your child does not know, the book is too hard. Look for books that only have one or two new words on a page. If your child is just learning, look for books that have good picture clues to help your child begin learning.)


Here are some sets we like…

Markers, Index Cards and Binder Rings (to create word stacks – see below)

Handheld Magnifying Glass

A Basket or Tub to Store the Items In and Stickers to be Used as Rewards

Printable Sticker Charts Use these to reward your child for working at becoming a reader. You set why your child earns a sticker and the reward they will earn. Camouflage Purple Zebra Dr. Seuss

Be A Word Detective Buy an inexpensive magnifying glass as a tool to get your child excited! Give your child a word and have them search for the word in their book.

Word Stacks Using your index cards, create an stack of words for your child. Write three words your child knows and then one new word. Put a dot or sticker on the corner of the known words. You might choose to use words in a book they’re trying to learn to read for the unknown words. It is best for your child to start with 12 – 15 words. Once you’ve written the words, hole punch the cards and put them on a binder ring. Use these like flash cards. The ratio of three known words to every one new words will help your child learn the words quickly. When your child learns a new word, put a sticker or dot with a marker on the corner.

Matching Write 2 of each new word on index cards. Create a set of 5 words which will be a total of 10 cards. Lay the cards out and play a memory game with your child. Each time they turn over a word your child says the word. When they get a match, they get to keep the pair.

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