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Science Rocks! Gift Idea

by Jill & Cathy on November 17, 2012

We found this great book through Amazon.  We think it is going to help us create the greatest gift for our boys! It is called Science Rocks! and we can’t wait to put together the gift. We are going to create a gift basket that includes the book and the supplies needed to do some of the experiments.





Here is the link to the book…

We’ve already ordered our book. We’ve spent a little time looking through the experiments and finding the activities we think our boys will enjoy the most. We are focusing on the first section that has chemistry types of experiments. We feel like these will be good indoor activities (we’re giving our baskets for Christmas so the outdoor activities will need to wait until spring.)

*** Make sure you are careful about the items you offer your children. There are many experiments that should be done with adult supervision. If there are items you are worried about adding to the basket (like the Alka-Seltzer), keep it in a place where you can get it as needed.

Here’s a list of supplies you might already have at home or can pick up during your next trip to the store:
food coloring, pencil, paper (or maybe a fun science notebook), tea kettle, paperclips, paper towels, vinegar, foil, dish detergent, hydrogen peroxide, empty two liter bottles, water bottles, scissors, tape, plastic cups, Alka-Seltzer
Here’s the items we’re ordering through Amazon:

We do suggest purchasing the book first and then deciding which activities will be best for your kids.  The supplies above are what we need for the experiments we feel like our boys will enjoy most.  There are many more activities in the book!

We are SO excited about seeing our boys’ faces when they open their baskets.  We think this gift is going to be a big hit.  There are so many things we love about this gift idea, but here are our tops:

  1. It’s educational!   Science & Reading
  2. Our boys will work together to do the experiments
  3. It will give our older boys something to play with on Christmas Day (they already think they’re too old for toys)


Let us know if you’re going to try this as a gift.  Do you have suggestions for us?  Please share below!

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