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Monthly Sight Word Cards

by Jill & Cathy on December 1, 2012

Here we plan on providing a group of 12 sight words for each month. They will include words that go beyond the Fry words but are still common. August includes words such as school and bus, January will include words like snow and coat. Each card will include a word and a visual to help emergent readers. These cards are great for beginning readers! Using picture clues is a great strategy to teach young children – these cards will give you visuals with each word!



Need some ideas to make practicing these cards fun for your kids?  Here you go…

  • Young children are often so proud of themselves when they can read a word without your help.  Because of this, these cards might just be used as flashcards.  Your kids will stay engaged because the words will change each month and the colorful pictures make these cards fun!
  • Play a matching game.  Print off two sets.  Shuffle the cards and lay them out like a memory card game.  When your child flips over a card, require them to say the word.
  • Play go fish.  Print off two sets and play this traditional kid favorite.
  • Go on a treasure hunt.  Hide the cards around the room and have your child search for the missing treasure.  Have them read each word as they find it.

Have other ideas?  Please share below!











We like to print these on cardstock and laminate them for durability.  We bought our home laminator through Amazon – a great investment for moms!

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