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Cathy’s Pregnancy Must Haves

by Jill & Cathy on November 3, 2013

The Curriculum Corner Pregnancy Must HavesWhen you are pregnant for the first time, you are bombarded with ads and magazines that tell you everything that you MUST HAVE in order to survive your pregnancy.  You will be spending enough money once your baby is here, so it’s helpful to narrow that list down a little bit.  You want to spend your money on the items that will make your pregnancy more enjoyable, make you more comfortable and save the rest for your new little arrival.  I am currently in week 29 of my third pregnancy.  Throughout these three pregnancies, there are a few items I couldn’t live without.  There are also some items that I have enjoyed but would not be on my must have list.

I am fairly lucky and do not have horrible morning sickness during the first trimester.  My stomach is upset throughout the day but I have found that most of the time, eating will make me feel better.  When my stomach is not feeling great, I rely on Preggie Pop Drops.  Purchasing the pack of 3 from Amazon lasted me through my first trimester.  These are basically candies that are a little sweet and a little sour.  The packs come in different flavors and they also have suckers.

My first two pregnancies I spent a lot of time reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  However, during this pregnancy I have enjoyed using an app on my ipad that gives you weekly updates.  I love seeing the pictures of what my baby looks like each week and my boys are enjoying knowing what is happening with the baby.  For some FREE reading – subscribe to the digital version of Parents Magazine via Amazon.

As your belly gets bigger, sleep will become harder and harder to come by.  A body pillow definitely helps and the newer pregnancy pillows are even better, but a little pricier.  However, if you are not able to get comfortable at night, it might be worth the money for you.

I have loved the stretchy tank tops I have purchased for this pregnancy.  I wear one almost everyday.  Mine have come from Target where they have white, tan, black and grey for under $20 each.  They are stretchy and comfortable.  Plus – they are long enough to always cover your belly!  I remember this being a problem with my first two.  You can also purchase some on Amazon but they are slightly more.

SHOES!!!  I love shoes and never feel like I have the right shoe with go with each outfit.  My husband often rolls his eyes (the shoe count in my closet is close to 100.)  However, as I teach second grade, it is difficult for me to stay off of my feet.  When I’m pregnant, I find a pair of comfortable shoes and wear them almost everyday.  They don’t always match what I’m wearing but at least I’m in less pain at the end of the day.  This pregnancy, my Sperry’s have been my go-to shoes.  I have found that they are the one pair of shoes that have enough support to keep my back and hip from hurting too much.  Amazon has tons of cute choices and I’ve recently discovered the Sperry socks that don’t show but keep my shoes from smelling!

Heating pads are something to avoid while you’re pregnant but there are times when a little heat feels great on an aching back or hip.  I purchased a Bed Buddy on Amazon.  These are great because you can microwave them to get them to the right temperature – just be careful to make it warm and not hot.  I put mine in the microwave for less time that the directions say and then test it before putting it on my back.

Most importantly, always keep water and a snack with you!  It is amazing how quickly you will get thirsty and how you will feel like you can’t wait even another minute for a drink of water.

Experienced moms – what are your tips to share with others out there?  Please share below!

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