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Tastefully Yours with Tiffany – Round 3!

by Jill & Cathy on January 8, 2014

tiffanySo here it is January and we are optimistic that this feature with our friend Tiffany will now become a more consistent one. Cathy is just a few weeks away from baby Henry #3 and with winter hitting HARD this week (almost 12 inches of snow and temps over 40 below with windchill!!) we are going to need the convenience of Tiff’s yummy freezer meals more than ever!  I mean, who wants to go out to the grocery in weather like this?!  Not these girls!

As always, we THOROUGHLY enjoy our girlfriend time with Tiff.  We highly recommend getting together with good friends to make these meals (and occasionally throw in a glass of wine while doing it. Will be even more fun when Cathy can join us!).  It makes an afternoon of cooking so enjoyable.  This month we had a little helper.  Jill’s two-year old daughter, Addie, helped out (in between episodes of Dora).  She ADORES Tiffany and even has a special chair and apron when she goes to Tiff’s house so she can help bake.  “Tish” is most definitely one of her favorite people!  (Who are we kidding…Tiff is one of our favorite people too!!)

Freezer Cooking Set 3 by The Curriculum Corner

Here are the meals Tiff had for us this month.  They include two marinades and three “casserole” type dishes.

Turkey Tetrazzini

(Great to use with leftover turkey from a Thanksgiving or Christmas!)
Freezer Cooking Set 3 by The Curriculum Corner

“Forgotten” Chicken & Rice

Hawaiian Chicken Marinade

Greek Chicken Marinade

Chili Manicotti (the McEldowney boys loved this one)

Chili Manicotti Freezer Meal by The Curriculum Corner

Tastefully Yours with Tiffany – Round 3 Recipes

Tiff’s Tip of the Month:  

As you probably noticed, all of the recipes using chicken called for tenderloins as opposed to breasts.  This is my personal preference based on the fact that I have three kids.

The tenderloins are a much better portion for kids.  Sometimes chicken breasts are almost three portions a piece!  If you prefer the breasts, just use 4 for the recipes this month.


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