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Packing Your Hospital Bag

by Jill & Cathy on January 4, 2014

Editable Hospital Bag Packing Lists by The Curriculum CornerI’ve spent some time this week making sure my hospital bag is ready to go.  I’m REALLY hoping it won’t be needed in the next couple of days as Indiana is expecting some major snow along with record low temperatures.  There are tons of lists out there and what I have thought as I’ve looked through them is…everyone’s list ends up being different!  For this reason, the lists we are sharing below are available as PDFs and Word Documents.  If you want to make your list just right for you – use the Word Document and edit.  I also created a list for those last minute things that can’t be packed ahead of time, like my glasses and my iPad charger.  I even might have to add a pair of yoga pants as I don’t have many extra pants right now!  The final list I created is for the siblings in the family.  If the baby is born on a school day, someone will need to get our two boys up and ready for school.  I have a sibling list so that the adult here knows exactly what needs to be done in the morning.  An important part of this will be for my husband and I to make sure that we have everything on that list laid out the night before.

I’ve changed my list a little between my first and this third baby.  For Grant, I had pajamas and clothes for myself for the entire hospital stay.  However, I never wore any of these until it was time to go home.  I had more bleeding with my first and I definitely would have ruined anything I put on that was not a hospital gown.  And – I found that the clothes I packed (which were maternity clothes) were still a little too tight.  I assumed I would be the same for Spencer so I didn’t pack extra clothes or pajamas.  The second delivery was easier and I would have liked to have had my own clothes.  So, this time I’m packing extra clothes and pajamas because I would rather have them and not use them than be without them when I want them.

Of course, you will also want all of your toiletries, including Lansinoh cream if you are nursing.  You most likely won’t be sore during your hospital stay but I found with my second that it is a good idea to start using it right away.  And even though you are wondering if you will feel like it, you will most likely want a little makeup.  So many pictures will be taken during those first days, you might feel better looking back on them if you take the time to put on a little mascara and lip gloss.

Scrabble is on my list because that is the game Doug and I played while I was in labor with both of my boys.  He likes to play when I’m in labor because this is the only time he wins against me.  So, I will bring it again so he gets another chance to win!

For baby – you don’t have to have much more than a going home outfit and a car seat.  However, there are items I like to have and will use.  I did not bring fingernail clippers with Spencer and his poor little face was so scratched – this time I am remembering the clippers and mittens.  I also have two extra outfits in case I decide to get her dressed before it is time to go home.  You don’t have to bring extra clothes because the hospital will have plain white ones.  They are so bundled up that you really don’t see the clothes.  I am taking a cute little hat so even if she has on the plain onesies, her head will have something adorable on it!  I also have two receiving blankets packed which are not a necessity because the hospital will have these as well.  When the boys were born, the onesie stickers were not a trend but this time I am excited for these so I have the “just born” sticker in her bag.  With the extremely cold weather on its way, I also have a heavy blanket to bundle her up for the trip home.

Hospital Packing List    PDF   Word

Last Minute Items          PDF   Word

Sibling List                         Word

What are some items you wish you had at the hospital?  Share below so other new moms don’t forget something!

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