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Sibling Gifts from Baby

by Jill & Cathy on February 6, 2014

Putting Together the Perfect Big Sibling Gift by The Curriculum CornerHaving a gift ready from baby for his or her siblings is a great way to help prevent any feelings of jealousy when the new baby arrives.  Before Paige arrived, I spent time thinking about the perfect gifts for our 7 and 9 year old boys.  For younger siblings, I think it is important to think of gifts that can help entertain while baby is being fed.  This will help give mom a little quiet time and the ability to focus on the baby when needed.  Before our middle son was born, I put together a collection of a couple of new Thomas movies and a train.  I knew the combination would keep Grant entertained while I was nursing Spencer and I wouldn’t feel so guilty about him not getting enough attention.  It was worth the investment!

The boys are both old enough to entertain themselves but I still wanted to put together something special for them so they didn’t feel like Paige was getting all of the attention.  I started by ordering bags from Thirty-One embroidered with their names.  The bags are durable and I think they will be great, small travel bags that can hold a book and a video game.  I filled their bags with a few favorites.  Each received two books, their favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts, gum and some gummies.  I also ordered cups from Etsy with their names.  These turned out so cute!  You can find them here for only $10.00 each… Personalized Tumblers.  At the time I put them together, I had planned on giving them the bags when they visited the hospital.  Due to the ban on visitors when Paige was born, this didn’t happen.  I had thought the snacks and books would help keep the boys entertained if there was any extra waiting at the hospital during their visit.  I ended up not needing the gifts for this reason but the boys were still excited when they received them at home.

I’ve seen many cute bags that would be perfect for a younger child.  Check these out…  (click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy listing.)






I'M A BIG SISTER premade PaPeR BaG Scrapbook AlbumThere are also some cute scrapbooks that would make a sweet gift for a big sister.


Did you do anything special for the big siblings when your little one arrived?  We would love to hear your ideas below!

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