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Bugs Themed Sentence Mats

This set of bugs sentence mats can provide an engaging and fun literacy center for your kindergarten classroom.

Bus Sentence Mats

You can download these free bugs themed scrambled sentence mats for your literacy centers by clicking on the bold links at the bottom of this post.

Simply click the titles of the resources you need at the bottom to download the PDFs.

Give your young readers simple reading practice using these free resources with a bugs theme!

You may print and copy these bugs sentence mats for your personal classroom use only.  They are a free classroom resource created by The Curriculum Corner.

You may not modify this work and sell it as your own.

Within this free download you will find two sets of sentence mats. 

The first has the sentence typed directly under the picture so students can match words if needed as a level of support. 

In the second set the sentence has been deleted to provide a more challenging activity as students attempt to unscramble the word cards to create a meaningful sentence to match the picture on the sentence mat.

Each set has also been provided with full color background, but also with the background deleted for those wanting to conserve a little ink.  (The pictures, word boxes and word boxes remain in color on these.)

bug sentence mats

Our bugs themed sentence mats are designed to give your emergent readers practice with reading simple 4 and 5-word sentences with punctuation marks.

How to Assemble your Bugs Sentence Mats

  • Print the sentence mats on card stock and laminate them.
  • Print the square sentence cards and cut them apart.
  • Put each set of word cards with the matching sentence mat into a large Ziploc baggie.  (Another organizational option is to put the word squares an envelope and attach it to the back of the mat inside the big baggie.)
  • We have matched the color of the square sentence cards to the box colors on the mats for easier sorting.
  • To do this activity, students will place the word cards in the correct order to match the sentence on the mat (or construct meaning on their own by using the mats without the sentences provided.) 

We have also created a recording page for students to write the sentence and draw a matching picture of their own.

While some students might need you to provide only one sentence at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed, others might benefit from being given the choice of picking a picture and sentence they like best.

You can download the various versions of our bugs themed sentence mats here:

Bugs Themed Sentence Mats

Bugs Themed Sentence Mats (No Background)

Bugs Themed Sentence Mats Without Sentences

Bugs Themed Sentence Mats Without Sentences (No Background)

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Thanks to Pink Pueblo for the cute buggy clip art!



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