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Early Learning “I Can” Statements

Early Learning I Can Statements from The Curriculum Corner

Earlier this year we used Dianne Miller Nielsen’s book Teaching Young Children to create some preschool developmental goals checklists.  These were intended for teachers to help them assess the progress of their early learners.

You will find the link to these checklists here: Early Learning Developmental Goals Checklists.

Here we have taken those goals and turned them into kid friendly “I Can” statements. We feel these are a good way to attach words to the skills your young learners are acquiring.  You might even want to post these in your preschool classroom as you are working on a particular skill and practice “reading” the words with your students.  We also suggest giving these to parents as a resource to use at home so that all the adults in a preschooler’s life are using the same words to name what they are learning to do.

Aesthetic Development “I Can” Statements

Cognitive Development “I Can” Statements

Expressive Oral Language Development “I Can” Statements

Literacy Development “I Can” Statements

Physical Development “I Can” Statements

Receptive Oral Language Development “I Can” Statements

Social and Emotional Development “I Can” Statements

If you would like to purchase Dianne Miller Nielsen’s book Teaching Young Children, we have the Amazon link below.

Hey preschool teachers…can you share other ways you might use these in your classroom?!  Comment below and share your ideas!


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Sunday 8th of February 2015

In my classroom, we collect evidence throughout the year that consists of the children's written work, artwork, photos, dictated drawings, etc. It will be nice to file items in the children's portfolios, using these "I can" statements to help parents more easily understand their child's learning in a positive and simple way.

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