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Fall ABC Game

This fall ABC game will be a fun addition to your early learning centers focusing on uppercase and lowercase letters.

Fall ABC Game

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

This fall ABC game is designed for children learning to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

For this fall alphabet game, we have chosen to focus on 3 or 4 letters at a time. We went in alphabetical order when creating the games.

This game board has a path students follow as they match uppercase and lowercase letters.

The fun fall theme is perfect for any classroom with a love of superheroes.

We have provided this game with a colorful background along with a white background. Both games have color but the white backgrounds will be a good option for those needing to conserve colored ink.


How to set up your Fall ABC Game

  1. Begin by printing in color (or in black and white if you choose.) We like to print on heavy, white card stock for durability.
  2. Laminate your game and cards.
  3. Cut apart the cards.
  4. Place the cards and the matching board at a center.
  5. Provide students with buttons or other place markers.

**When playing with my daughter, I noticed that it was a challenge for her to know the correct direction of the b, d and p. The d and the p fall on cards with our web site watermark. I’m hoping the name of the site being at the bottom in fine print will make it easier for students to determine the correct direction for this letter. Another option is for you to use a different color of marker to underline the p after printing. 

Fall ABC Games

To Play your Fall Alphabet Game

We have tried to keep this game fairly simple.
Once the game is taught, even your young students should be able to play without assistance.

  1. It is important to make sure each pair or group of students playing is able to correctly match the uppercase and lowercase letters. You want to make sure your students are practicing matching the letters correctly.
  2. Students will begin at the START leaf. They will place their markers on this leaf.
  3. Children take turns flipping over a lowercase letter card.
  4. They will move to the first spot with the matching uppercase letter.
  5. The first student to the leaf containing all of the letters at the end is the winner.

This single download contains both the full color and white background versions. Make sure you only print the pages needed for your use after downloading.

You can download this free Fall Alphabet Game here:
ABCs Fall Game

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