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Gardening Roll and Cover

We have created this free gardening roll and cover set to help your students practice identifying the numbers one through six. 

spring roll and cover game

The spring roll and cover game has been created to help your students work on identifying the numbers one through six.

Help your students practice with identifying the numbers one through six with these spring roll and cover games.

Our set of games includes four different boards, each with its own spring theme. Each of the games have two versions for you to choose from. The first version includes number form only. The second version contains the numbers one through six along with the words one through six.

We like using colorful buttons for the markers but anything like beans or pennies will do as well.

Getting Ready to Play Gardening Roll and Cover

  1. Print the games on card stock.
  2. Laminate the games for durability.
  3. Place each board at center with markers and a die.

*For students not ready to count the dots on the die, you could provide a number cube so they simply match the numbers.

How to Play Gardening Roll and Cover

Students can play individually or with a partner. When playing with a partner, this is designed to be a cooperative game. Students will work together to achieve the goal.

A student will roll the die and use a marker to cover the matching number.

When playing along or with a partner, the goal of the game is to cover all of the numbers.

As always, this has been created to be a free game for your classroom. You may print and copy for your own classroom. You may not sell or modify and sell these boards in any way.

You can download this free Spring Roll & Color game here
Gardening Game

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