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Riddle Task Cards (Inferencing)

If you are looking for new inferencing activities for your young readers, try these simple riddle cards.

FREE Riddle Task Cards (Inferencing Activities) 2

This set of 28 cards is designed to give your readers practice with inferencing.

**** You can download this set of task cards by clicking on the bold, orange link at the bottom of this post.  ****

FREE Riddle Task Cards (Inferencing Activities) 2 FREEBIE

Print in color and laminate this set of cards.

The cards may be placed at a center and used as task cards during small group rotations if your students are already readers. Students will have fun reading and making guesses with the given clues.

If students need support, you can use these as an engaging and educational time filler. Read the riddle aloud in class and give students the opportunity to answer each question. You can even choose to have students partner up, listen to the clue and then whisper their guess to their partner.

You might even choose to make these cards a part of a whole class mini-lesson.

When reading books, students will find that the inferences they create might not always end up being correct even if they make sense with the clues they are given. For this reason, some of the cards we have provided have clues where students might find there could be more than one correct answer.

We have also included a planning page for students to create their own riddles. Students begin by thinking of any object. The printable page includes room for students to record three clues. Once they are finished with the writing their own inferencing activities, they can exchange papers with a partner and have their partner draw a picture of their item on the back.

***** You can download this collection of task cards here: Riddle Cards for Inferencing.  ******


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.