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Valentine Print & Go Practice Pages

Looking for Valentine’s Day No Prep Pages? You’ve found a complete set of free Valentine’s Day worksheets.

Valentine's Day No Prep Pages

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Take a look at our free Valentine’s Day No Prep Pages!

This free collection of math and literacy Valentine Practice Pages for print & go review designed for classroom practice.

Resources within this collection

This collection of Valentine print & go practice pages are perfect for skill practice in the classroom.  

These Valentine practice pages are designed to be something quick with a seasonal February theme.  

These can be great for morning review or for paper and pencil practice when you need an activity to add to your sub plans.  

While we prefer hands on activities for this age group, we also know that there are times when you need to check student understanding or when you have students who need a little extra practice.

***You will find the entire download of pages at the bottom of the post in red text.***

Math Worksheets for Valentine’s Day Practice

Count to 100 (2 pages)

Count to 100 by 2s

Count to 100 by 5s

Count to 20 (2 pages)

Ten-Frames (2 pages)

Roll, Write & Tally – Students roll a die, draw the face of the die and practice writing numbers and tally marks that match the number.

Circle the Number Word (2 pages)

1 More, 1 Less – (2 pages) Students write the number that is one more and one less than the number given.

10 More, 10 Less – Students write the number that is ten more and ten less than the number given.

Before & After – (2 pages) Students write the number just before and just after a given number.

Practice Counting by 2s

Practice Counting by 5s

Practice Counting by 10s (2 pages – to 100 and to 200)

Write a Fact Family – Students are given the three numbers in the family and need to write the math facts.

Write the Missing Addends

Writing Numbers in Different Ways – (2 pages) Students practice writing numbers with numerals, words and in expanded form.

Literacy Worksheets for Valentine’s Day

Color the Valentines – Recognition of color words.

Beginning Letter Sounds  – (2 pages) Students draw a line from a letter to an object that begins with the letter.

Color the Letters in the word “VALENTINE”

ABC Order – Students put a short list of Valentine words in ABC order.

Count the Syllables – Students read a Valentine word and circle a number to show the number of syllables in the word.

Find and Graph the Valentine Words

Sort the Valentine Words – Students sort words according to their parts of speech (nouns, verbs & adjectives).

Write a Rhyming Word

Following Directions – Students read sentences and follow directions for coloring Valentine objects.

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Write the Missing Letters – (2 pages – capital and lower case letters) Students fill in the missing letters in the alphabet.

Scrambled Valentine Sentences

**Fun Pages – Students draw or write about their favorite Valentine treat, design a Valentine card and color a Valentine heart.

Valentine's Day Worksheets

You will find the PDF download for all the Valentine Practice Pages listed above here:

Valentine’s Day Print & Go Pages

If you are looking for additional Valentine’s Day resources, take a look at our free Math & Literacy Centers

Our complete Valentine’s Day collection can be found here:

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Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Thanks for sharing! This has become my go to place when lesson planning. I teach ESL k-5 in NYC and have to differentiate for all levels for every single class, your resources are easily accessible for all my learners. Thank you!!!!

Valentine's Day Color Key Addition - The Curriculum Corner 123

Monday 11th of December 2017

[…] Valentine Print & Go Pages […]


Monday 16th of January 2017

Excellent ideas

Thank you

Patricia Morphy

Saturday 11th of February 2017

Thank you for this timely resource. Patricia

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