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Fall Rhyming Word Puzzles

These fall rhyming word puzzles can be used to help your students read and hear rhymes.

fall rhyming word puzzles

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Use these fall rhyming word puzzles as you work to help your students to read, understand and practice rhyming words.

Each 4-piece puzzle contains a set seasonal rhyming words along with pictures to help them with the words.  You will find nine 4-piece rhyming word puzzles in this download.  This set lends some added support for early readers.

We have also added 2-piece puzzles without the pictures for those who don’t need that support.  This download contains 24 fall rhyming word puzzles and includes even more fall words.

If you are looking for creative ways for your students to review skills with parents, send a set of these home! Instead of sitting alone completing a worksheet, they can sit with an adult or older sibling and interact with others while they learn.

Fall Rhyming Puzzles

Putting Together Your Rhyming Word Puzzles

  1. Begin by printing on card stock – we suggest a heavier card stock to make the puzzles a little sturdier.
  2. Laminate to ensure durability.
  3. You might think color coding the backs with marker dots for easy sorting for clean up and also for self-checking.
  4. Cut each puzzle apart and place in a container or envelope.

If your students use interactive notebooks, these puzzles might be a fun addition to those. Instead of printing on card stock, print on regular paper. Cut apart the puzzles and students can then glue the puzzles into their notebooks.

You can download these free Rhyming Word Puzzles here:

Fall Rhyming Word Puzzles

Fall 2-Piece Rhyming Word Puzzles

You might also like this post which contains a set of rhyming word task cards for additional practice:

Rhyme Task Cards

Rhyme Words Sorting Cards

Thanks to EduClips for the perfect clip art!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.