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Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Centers

Use these colorful Thanksgiving centers for math and literacy to help you put together your November plans.

FREE Thanksgiving Centers for Math & Literacy from The Curriculum Corner | Fry Words | Math | Letters

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Print, laminate and cut out these Thanksgiving centers.  We have included a variety of resources so that you can find options that meet the needs of all of your students!

FREE Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Centers from The Curriculum Corner

You will find the link to download all of the free centers at the bottom of this post. Just look for the bold green words.

The following Thanksgiving math centers are included:

Count the Feathers & Leaves Two pages where students simply count the number of items and write the correct numeral in the box.

Roll & Cover This can be an independent activity or a partner game. Students roll a die and then use a chip to cover the correct number on the board. For partners, the first one to cover all the numbers is the winner.

Count & Write These two pages use ten frames to helps students in their counting.

Fill in the Missing Number Students use their counting skills to fill in the numbers between two others.

Number Matching These matching cards contain numerals, number words, tally marks and pictures. They can be used for a simple matching game center or even a one-on-one assessment. Includes the numbers 1 – 10.

Complete the 100s Chart There are four versions so students can choose the just-right version for them.

Skip Counting Students fill in the missing numbers when counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. Includes four different versions.

Pumpkin BUMP Students need a partner and each needs 10 markers.  Provide the pair with 2 dice and chips to play.

FREE Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Centers from The Curriculum Corner | Fry Words | Math | Letters | FREEBIE

The following Thanksgiving Literacy Centers are included:

Trace the Letters These two work mats have students tracing the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Fill in the Letters These two pages require students to fill in missing letters of the alphabet. Both lower and upper case practice mats have been included.

Letter/Sound Matching There are three sets of cards in this collection – one with lower case letters, one with upper case letters and one with pictures of things that begin with those sounds. Again, you can use them at a center for matching game or have students work with you so that you can see their level of letter and sound mastery.

Follow the ABC Path Students use a dry erase marker to color a path from A to Z. Includes an uppercase and lowercase version.

FREE Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Centers from The Curriculum Corner | Fry Words | Math | Letters | FREEBIES!

Fry Word Turkey Trot Students flip a coin and follow the Fry word path, moving forward when they can correctly read a sight word. Two versions of this game are included.

Fry Word Practice Cards If your students are ready, you could use these cards for reading practice. Print two sets for a simple matching game, or use the turkey cards for a partner game. Shuffle all the cards and place them in a basket. Students pick a word, and if they can read it aloud then they get to keep the card. If they get a turkey card then they have to put back one of their cards or give one to the other player.

Roll & Read Use the Fry cards for this game. Place three cards on the board. Students roll a die and read the word under the corresponding number. Once they have read the word they can replace it with another Fry card.

Roll & Write This is the done the same way as Roll & Read except students use the recording sheet to practice reading AND writing the word that goes with the number they roll.

Write the Missing Letter Students write in the beginning letter sound for each picture.

Write the Room Activity Use the cards of the first page to write six words you want the students to practice.  (We suggest you use a dry-erase or Vis-a-vis marker so that you can use the cards more than once if you like.)  The second page is a recording sheet for students.  They find the corresponding number in the room and move to that spot to copy and read whatever word is on the card. (You might think about clip boards for your students to use for this activity.)  This is a great way to incorporate movement into your daily Word Work.

Fluency Sentences You can choose to laminate and cut the cards apart to put on a ring for fluency practice. Or, place in a stack and have students select a sentence.  They then use the recording page to copy and then illustrate the sentence they choose.

Thanksgiving Word Wall  A Thanksgiving themed word wall that can be placed at a writing center along with the recording page. Students can choose words to help them write a sentence.

FREE Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Centers from The Curriculum Corner | Fry Words | Math | Letters | FREEBIE | Write the Room

You can download the complete collection of Thanksgiving centers here:

Math &  Literacy Centers.

Be sure to grab our coordinating black and white set! Within this set you will find pages that fit kinder and 1st grade classrooms. Thanksgiving Print & Go Pages.

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