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Gingerbread Stories

by Jill & Cathy on November 20, 2012

Our students always love exploring different versions of The Gingerbread Boy.  Reading different versions and completing some of our created activities can be a great way to add something fun to your classroom during the holiday season that still touches upon many standards!

Gingerbread Man Story Map  Complete with a word bank!

Gingerbread Visualization Practice  Students draw the Gingerbread Man and use words to describe what he looks like.

Gingerbread Compare & Contrast  Students compare two versions of gingerbread stories.

Gingerbread Character Traits  Students tell about the inside of the character.

Gingerbread Chart  Students complete the chart to show the differences between many different versions of the story.

The True Story of the Gingerbread Man  Students write their own version of the story using our decorative paper.

Synonym Practice  Students write and draw a picture to match the synonyms from the story.

Gingerbread Words  Students create their own words using the letters from “gingerbread.”

Build a Gingerbread Man  Students take turns rolling a die to create their own Gingerbread Man in this partner game.  (Simpler Version)

Gingerbread Story Problems  These problems ask students to draw a picture to solve.

Gingerbread Graph  Give students a gingerbread cookie and have them take a bite.  Create a graph showing which part was eaten first.  Conclude the activity with our Gingerbread Graph Questions.

Gingerbread Math Booklet  A simple math booklet for kindergarten and first grade students.

Some of our favorite versions of the story…

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