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Fry Words in the Classroom

Welcome to The Curriculum Corner’s Fry word collection where you will find an assortment of free resources for your sight word or high frequency word work.

Fry Word Resources

The Curriculum Corner provides a wide range of free resources to assist with Fry Word mastery.

The Curriculum Corner should be the first place you stop when planning for your word work centers. Our large collection of free resources for Fry Words will assist you with management, assessments and center work.

We like to use Fry words as our sight words. This is because the Fry words are the 1,000 most common words in the English language. These high frequency words can make an impact when you are learning how to help your children read.

Looking for an explanation of Fry words and how to help your students master these sight words?

We suggest starting here (click on image):

Meet Jill & Cathy

Jill & Cathy founded The Curriculum Corner in May 0f 2002. As teachers, they saw a need for a place where teachers could go to find free resources based on best practice. They used their experience and training to create their dream site. Between the two, they had taught special education, second grade, third grade and fifth grade. The knowledge they gained in the classroom has helped them create the site you see today.

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