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readers' workshop

We believe that implementing a reading workshop is an excellent way to get your students to fall in love with reading. An effective reading workshop not only helps children grow as readers, it also helps children learn to enjoy reading.

Find the resources you need on The Curriculum Corner.

How do I do reading workshop?

If you are new to reading workshop, we suggest starting with the basics.

Preparing Your Readers’ Workshop

This guide will walk you through the steps of planning for and implementing your workshop. You will find organizational materials, ideas for reading minilessons, units of study and other resources to help you understand the procedures.

In our guide to helping you set up your reading workshop, you will also find a complete explanation of what your reading workshop might look like.

This includes helping you understand what the piece of your workshop look like. We will help you learn what a minilesson looks like along with the other components of workshop.

You will find this guide here:

reading workshop
Preparing Your Reading Workshop

For those of you already familiar with reading workshop, you will find valuable resources to help you with your planning and implementation below.

Reading Management Binder

Reader’s Notebook for Students

Blank Anchor Charts

One of the keys to an effective readers’ workshop is a good Launching Reading Workshop unit of study. This launching unit will help you create a structure and a set of procedures to help keep your students engaged and on task.

We have two options of launching units for you to choose from:

Launching your Reading Workshop

Our traditional launching writing workshop unit.

Growing Readers

A launching unit of study with a gardening theme.

Useful Tools for Teachers

The Curriculum Corner works to provide a range of materials to help you create a readers’ workshop that is just right for your students.

We realize that not all school districts and principals have the same expectations. For this reason, we create a variety of materials to meet the needs of different classrooms.

Not all of our resources will fit into every classroom.

Small Group Instruction

One piece of reading workshop is Small Group Instruction. This is the time when you will meet with a few students at a time to address specific skills.

Resources to help you with developing your Small Group time are here:

free small group toolkit for teachers
Click Above to Access Your Free Small Group Toolkit

Fry Word Instruction

One piece of helping children to learn to read is sight word mastery. We have chosen to use Fry Words in our own classrooms in the past.

Our most popular Fry Word resources to help you get started are:

Fry Word Checklists

Progress lists to help you assess

Our favorite Fry Word intervention strategy

Our complete Fry Word collection

Graphic Organizers for Readers’ Workshop

Our complete collection of graphic organizers for reading workshop can be found here:

Click Above to Access our Collection of Graphic Organizers

Reading Resources & Units of Study

Our readers’ workshop resources are divided into categories below.

Within our collection you will find an assortment of complete units of study. Each unit of study contains mini-lessons, anchor charts, graphic organizers and everything else you will need to help you get started.

Implementing a reading workshop in your classroom can seem like a big task at first.

Start with what you are comfortable with. Also use the pieces that meet the needs of your students.

As you begin to progress as a workshop teacher, you will see your readers begin to grow with you.