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Meaningful Mornings

Morning work used to be the thing to do as students entered the classroom. Students would complete a worksheet of some sort before class officially started.

morning welcome activities

How often would this morning work end up become one more thing for teachers to deal with later in the day?

Students who were late might miss recess because they hadn't finished. Those students who needed a little help would start their day off frustrated. Other students flew through the worksheet and it was just busy work.

We like the idea of moving away from what at one point was intended to get students prepared for their day.

The intent was good but the results didn't always align with the intent.

Jill & Cathy have been working to offer other more meaningful options for teachers.

As teachers, one of the first things we do in the morning is greet our colleagues. However, often students are expected to enter and get right to work, and stay quiet!

We really like the idea of giving students an opportunity to interact with their classmates.

We also like encouraging students to get moving a little.

Our newest morning resources include bell ringers and welcome messages.

For both of these resources we envision kids interacting with others and moving around the room a little.

You will find our collection of free resources below: