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Nonfiction Text Features

by Jill & Cathy on February 11, 2013

The Common Core emphasizes the importance of nonfiction text.  Because of this, the nonfiction work you do in your classroom is of high importance.  We have put together this collection of activities to help you introduce the features of nonfiction to your students.

If your students have previous experience, a great way to start this unit is by having each of your students search for a nonfiction book in your room.  When everyone has found one, gather in your meeting spot.  Talk about each book and why it does or does not fit into the category of nonfiction.  This is a way to get your kids talking about nonfiction and discussing the features of nonfiction texts.

Nonfiction Text Feature Anchor Chart  This is a visual to help your students remember the difference between the features of nonfiction.

Nonfiction Text Feature File Folder Sort   Attach the sorting pages to a file folder.  Laminate the file folder and the two pages with text feature examples and cut.  Students sort the text features onto the correct spot at a center.

Nonfiction Text Feature Bookmarks  In a word format so you can make changes to fit your class.  Laminate these bookmarks and place at a center with a basket of nonfiction books.  Students search for text features and mark each with the matching bookmark.

Photo Hunt  Have cameras in your classroom?  Get the kids using them with these nonfiction photo search booklets.  Students find an example of each text feature and take a picture of the feature.  Print the pictures for your students and have your students place them in the correct spot in the photo booklet.