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Winter Fluency Phrases

by Jill & Cathy on December 19, 2014

Winter Fluency Phrases with Activities FREE from The Curriculum Corner

These winter fluency phrases are just right for your students to practice fluency during literacy centers.

Winter Phrases   Print the phrases on white paper or construction paper.  Laminate if desired.  You can put the phrases on a ring or in a baggie.

Visualize    Use this page for students to visualize their sentence.  Have students choose a sentence or choose one that is just right for them  Students write the sentence and then draw a picture to show their sentence.

My Winter Fluency Book   It can be so difficult  to find just right books for beginning readers.  Use the winter phrases and this booklet to create a book your struggling readers can read on their own.  During small group instruction, have students practice reading a sentence then illustrate.  Students can glue their phrase in the booklet below the illustration.  This is a great way to build confidence as students add phrases throughout the fall!

Roll, Read & Keep   Print in color and laminate.  You will also need the winter phrases laminated and cut apart.  Students place a phrase on each box, roll a die and read the sentence matching their roll.  If the student can read the sentence, it is kept.  Students take turns rolling until all phrases are gone.  Just in case, here is the board in black and white:  Roll, Read & Keep in Black & White.


Writing: Recording Special Memories this Holiday Season

by Jill & Cathy on December 16, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Happy Family Products for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Writing About Special Memories in Writing Workshop | Recording Family Memories | Using an iPad to encourage students to write | The Curriculum Corner

The Henry Family is getting ready to celebrate Paige’s first Christmas.  It’s been seven years since we’ve had a baby in the house at Christmas time and it makes for a very eventful season!   Grant and Spencer are excited to take part and watch all of Paige’s firsts this holiday.  Like most 8 and 10-year-old boys, they love their electronics!  Grant has an iPad for school and Spencer received an iPad Mini for his birthday last year.  It is cute when they use their devices to take pictures and videos of their sister.

As a result of a project Grant completed at school, we came up with a great way to have the boys document their sister’s first Christmas.  Grant has used a program titled Adobe Voice to create a personal narrative on his iPad.  He began by planning and writing.  He then added pictures, words and a recording of his writing to create a slideshow.  It is a great memory of a part of our family vacation and was a very engaging activity for Grant.  This project was the inspiration for the activity we have put together.

I knew Grant had success making his first slideshow so I wanted to test this activity out with Spencer (he is 8.)  I began by setting Spencer loose with the iPad to catch some pictures of Paige in action.  We had already taken a few pictures this holiday season that he wanted to include so I helped him add these photos to his picture library.  Once he had the pictures he wanted to use, I provided him with planning pages.  I created a variety so children can use what works for their goal.  You will find the collection here:  Recording Special Memories Pages.

Writing About Special Memories in Writing Workshop | Recording Family Memories | Using an iPad to encourage students to write | The Curriculum Corner

Once he completed his brainstorming, I had him plan out the slides.  I wanted him to have notes about the text he would use and decide the order he would use for his pictures.

Then it was time to create!  This was the part he was excited about!  We found an app called Perfect Video (there is a free version but I decided to pay for the extras.)  With just a little work, I was able to teach him how to add photos, adjust the timing and add text.  It is a fairly easy app once you begin working.  The last step was adding his voice.  This was great because he read his words and could listen and then rerecord as needed – it was great fluency practice!

Now that he is finished, we have a great memory of Paige’s first Christmas!  It’s so cute, I just have to share…

Hf_logo_hires_300_pxAs a family, we have decided to create another video after the holidays are over to document the season.  Right now we are just too busy rushing around to be able to make it look just how we want.  We know that all of you teachers and busy moms out there understand how crazy this time of year is.  One thing I always worry about is finding ways to provide my children with healthy foods while we run around, especially Paige.  When we must stop and get fast food, I definitely don’t feel good about offering her french fries and chicken nuggets but so often these are the only options for kids.  Luckily I have discovered Happy Family products that are organic PLUS they contain added DHA and probiotics.  You can learn more about their enlightened nutrition philosophy here: Visit the Happy Family website to learn about organic baby and toddler food .  I’ve been keeping their easy squeeze pouches and their organic puffs in my diaper bag (Paige LOVES the greens variety of the puffs!)  Now when we must make a fast food stop, I know that I have a healthy option available for her that she will willingly eat (and maybe cry a little when it’s gone!)  Happy Family provides the right nutrition for a bright future so that someday Paige will be making her own slideshows for our family!

Writing About Special Memories in Writing Workshop | Recording Family Memories | Using an iPad to encourage students to write | The Curriculum Corner

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