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Using Ozobot to Introduce Coding in the Classroom

by Jill & Cathy on January 27, 2015

This post brought to you by Ozobot. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Curriculum Corner.

Ozobot:  A great tool for teaching your students and children coding.  This little robot is so much fun!Ozobot_2

As teachers and moms, we are always on the look-out for toys our boys will love that we also love.  We recently received an Ozobot in the mail and are excited to say that this definitely fits our requirements.  If you have never seen an Ozobot, it is a tiny little robot. Or, as their web site states, “a game piece with brains”.  It’s true!  It does seem to be able to think with a little help from your kids.  It is a great tool to be used in a STEM or STREAM setting.  Or, for those classrooms across the country focusing on Common Core, it will encourage your children to think at a deeper level!  We think buying four or five for classrooms to use would be a great investment for a parent teacher organization!  Teachers could place kids in small groups and let them work on their problem solving and coding skills.


Ozobot:  A great tool for teaching your students and children coding.  This little robot is so much fun!When we first received it, we opened it up and had the robot show us what it could do by using the path included in the box.  This requires no thinking on your children’s part but is a good demonstration of what Ozobot is capable of doing.  Once our boys watched it follow the path a few times, they were ready for something a little more exciting.  They wanted to try out the markers and BrainTeasers (follow the link to download your own.)  We like these because they require some thinking and problem solving.  They had to use the markers and pick the correct code so that Ozobot would correctly navigate the path.  If they chose the wrong path, he would not move correctly.  We love that at their ages, they are beginning to learn about coding!   This is not only a great toy for home, but also the classroom.  It would be an engaging way for students to begin to learn about programming.  Plus, students will need to work together and problem solve in order to make their Ozobot follow the path correctly.


Ozobot:  A great tool for teaching your students and children coding.  This little robot is so much fun!

Purchase your Ozobot today!

This is not a toy your children will be able to take directly out of the box and make fully functional immediately.  It will take thinking and planning.  This is one thing we like!  As children problem solve, they will see what their hard work can make happen.  As parents and teachers, we encourage you to step back and let the learning happen without your intervention.  It will be so good for your children!  In the end, you will be glad you did.  AND… your children will be so proud of what they can accomplish!


Download the Ozobot apps for iOS or Android here.

We might be investing in a second Ozobot soon so that our boys can use some of the printables that allow the robots to race.  There are so many options, we think this little robot will provide learning and fun for a long time to come!

Learn more about Ozobot on their official site.

We are sure that the Ozobot will be a huge hit at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City on February 14th – 17th!



Ozobot has won numerous awards, check them out…
Best of Toy Fair 2014 – Techlicious.

Best of CES 2014 – iPhone Life Magazine.

Toy of the Year Finalist 2015 – Toy Industry Association.

Best of Toy Fair 2014 – Popular Science.

2014 Holiday Seal of Approval by The National Parenting Center.

Dr. Toy 10 Best Technology 2014

Do you have other ideas for using Ozobot in your classroom?  We would love for you to share below!

#Ozobot, #Lucky7

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Teaching Kids to Support Claims with Evidence

by Jill & Cathy on January 26, 2015

Teaching Students to Support Claims with Evidence Mini-Lesson and Graphic Organizer FREE from The Curriculum CornerClaim & Evidence Cards  Claim & Evidence Mini-Lesson The blue cards are designed to be used as a part of your mini-lesson. We have created a claim: Our class is the greatest. To accompany this claim, we have made an assortment of smaller cards. Some of these are written to be evidence to support the claim and some of the statements do not belong. As part of your mini-lesson have students determine which cards are the evidence and which cards do not support the claim. You may also decide to conduct your mini-lesson without the evidence cards. You can have your students create their own evidence for the claim. Once the mini-lesson is complete, the cards can be placed at a center for sorting practice.

Claim & Evidence Graphic Organizer  Once students have practiced the concept of supporting a claim with evidence, you can use our graphic organizer for independent work.  Place at a center along with topic ideas and have students work to write evidence for a claim.  Or, use as a writing option during independent writing time in your classroom.  Students can complete a graphic organizer and transform it into a paragraph using their ideas.  This could also be a writing mini-lesson!  Have other ideas?  Please share them below so that other teachers can use your great suggestions!

If you are looking for an anchor chart containing evidence based terms for your students, check out our version here:  Evidence Based Terms Anchor Chart.  It is a part of our resources on writing reading response journals in the classroom on The Curriculum Corner 456.

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