Counting Money Activities

We have put together an assortment of activities to help your students practice counting money in the classroom.

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Coin Pictures   Print in color and laminate for realistic looking coins.  We like to cut the coins out and attach a magnet to make a center at the board.

Coin Sorting Chart  Have students sort a collection of coins onto the right spot on the map.

Counting Coins   Set up this center or whole group lesson by having putting an amount of coins in 10 baggies and numbering each bag from 1 through 10.  Students open the bag, count the coins and record the amount.

Counting Coins Task Cards  Problem solving tasks that encourage students to count amounts under $1.00.

Counting Dollar Amounts Task Cards  Problem solving tasks that require students to work with dollar amounts.

File Folder Game  Print in color and place each sheet on the inside of a file folder.  We have included printable coins or you can use play money (or even real money!)

Fluency Cards  Great reading practice that helps students develop their fluency skills.

Roll & Count  Students roll the two money dice, record the coins and find the value.

Breakfast Problem Solving  Children create their breakfast order and then find the amount their breakfast will cost.

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