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Cookie Addition & Subtraction Sort

This cookies and milk addition and subtraction sort is a set you can use to create a variety of math activities in your classroom.

addition and subtraction sort

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

We have put together a set of addition and subtraction sort cards with a fun cookie theme. We are always receiving requests for new ways to practice facts, we hope this set helps!

These cookie themed cards will give your students some engaging math fact practice! These cards may also be used as addition flash cards and subtraction flash cards.

This set includes addition and subtraction facts from 0 – 20. Use both addition and subtraction or just one if you are focuses on one skill.

Addition & Subtraction Computation Sort | Milk & Cookies Math Game FREE from The Curriculum Corner

Creating Your Addition and Subtraction Sort

  1. Print in color on card stock
  2. Laminate for durability
  3. Cut apart and use your favorite storage method.

addition and subtraction sort

Cookies & Milk Addition and Subtraction Sort

There are may ways you can choose to use these cards. Here are a few of our favorite:

  1. Give kids a sum or difference. Students then find the facts that equate to the answer. For example, if you give students the number 6, they might put 2 + 4, 3 + 3 and 8 – 2 in the category. You can adjust the number of answers you give kids and the number of facts depending on the needs of the children.
  2. Pull out 10 – 15 facts and answers. Have kids play a memory matching game with the facts and answers.
  3. Post facts around the room. Give each kid an answer card. Kids will go on a fact hunt to find a fact that matches their number.

Addition & Subtraction Computation Sort | Milk & Cookies Math Game FREE from The Curriculum CornerDownload this free addition and subtraction sort here:

  Cookies & Milk Sort


Don’t have your own personal laminator? This is the one we both have (contains affiliate link):


For a fun celebration, create a cookie themed day as a reward.

Provide cookies and milk (if allowed in your school) and have students play math games. You could even encourage students to create their own computation games with a cookie theme!

As always, these games are provided for free classroom use. Please help us keep our resources free by sharing this post with your colleagues!

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