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Fall Multiplication Bump Games

This set of free Fall Multiplication BUMP! Games have been created to help your students work on mastering their multiplication facts.

This set of free Fall Bump! Games have been created to help your students work on mastering their multiplication facts.

We’ve created this fall multiplication BUMP! game to give your students engaging math fact practice in your classroom.

We are always receiving requests for new, seasonally themed math games to engage your students in math fact practice – please let us know if you have a request we have not covered.

You might also choose to provide copies for your families for practice at home.

Print and send them home with math supplies to encourage your students to review their facts and have a little fun over fall break.

Download this set by clicking on the bold BUMP! wording below in the post.

We have put together a collection of four multiplication bump games for math fact practice in your classroom (or home!)

To play, students will need two dice and chips.

Here are the directions for our Fall Multiplication BUMP!:

  • Roll 2 number cubes and multiply the numbers.
  • Cover that space with a marker.
  • You can bump your partner’s space.
  • If you cover a space with 2 stacked markers, that space can’t be bumped.
  • The first player to use all 10 of their markers first wins!

**The fourth board is designed to be used with two 10-sided dice. In order to fit all of the possible answers, we needed to remove the directions. Because of this, you will need to make sure students fully understand the directions before you begin.

You can download this set of free fall multiplication BUMP! games here:

BUMP! Games

If you are looking for more resources to help your students master their multiplication facts, please look at our Multiplication Timed Tests.

As always, these games were created for your free classroom use. Our resources are not intended to be sold or modified and sold in any form. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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