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Flowers: Interactive Science Notebook

This set of interactive flowers science notebook pages can be an engaging addition to your science unit on flowers.
Flowers: Interactive Science Notebook Pages FREE from The Curriculum Corner
Spring is a great time to focus on flowers in the classroom – they are a perfect and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift and they make a great focus for science.  To help you in the classroom, we have put together a collection of pages that students can use in their science notebooks as they study flowers along with a fun treat to make as a celebration.Flowers: Interactive Science Notebook Pages FREE from The Curriculum Corner | FREEBIE

You can download the complete set at the bottom of this post. Just click on the bold, green link!

This set includes a foldable that students can cut, paste and label to include the parts of a flower under the flaps.  We have also included images that contain the life cycle of a flower (seed, sprout, seedling, flower.)  These can be cut apart and glued into a notebook with labels.  A version with the stages in color and labeled can be used as a center activity to reinforce the learning.  You will find additional science based pages in the collection. Directions for these pages are below.



Flowers: Interactive Science Notebook Pages FREE from The Curriculum Corner | plants and flowersObservational Drawings: Making observational drawings can be a great way for students to begin exploring a new topic. When we begin a new project or focus in our classrooms, this is one of the first activities we do. In this case, we are providing a flower. We often encourage our students to begin with just a pencil and sketch what they see.  We then ask our students to include labels on their drawings.  Also, we feel that it is important for students to understand that an observational drawing should include only what students see.  There should be no butterflies or hearts unless these items are truly a part of what students are viewing. This can be tough for some students but we continually repeat that we are being scientists and scientists record what they see.

What do Flowers need to grow? As part of a focus on flowers, students will learn what flowers need to grow. We have included labeled cards that can be used to help students with writing. Besides soil, sun and water, we often include space when discussing this topic with our students.

The Stages of a Flower Growing  Slide 5 contains 4 lined boxes along with pictures. This page can be used for students to tell about each stage shown in the picture. You might have students cut these boxes apart and make a booklet.


We think creating editable flower pots in the classroom can be a fun way to wrap up a study of flowers in the classroom.  We made some with our children and everyone had so much fun!

First, gather the following supplies:

  • Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack Cups
  • Some sort of brownie, bar or other treat that can be placed on top to hold the toothpicks in place.
  • Fruit Slices
  • Green Licorice (we bought the pull ‘n peel type)
  • Large Toothpicks
  • Gummy Worms

Flowers: Interactive Science Notebook Pages FREE from The Curriculum CornerStudents will begin with a Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack Cup. They will then place a brownie or other bar on top of their pudding cup (this will serve as the base so that students can stick their “flowers” in the cup.)  Have students place two fruit slices on the end of a toothpick to form a flower.  Children will then wrap the toothpick with the green licorice.  They need to leave enough room at the bottom so that the toothpick can be stuck into the snack bar (we found that the flowers were sturdier when we used two toothpicks.)  Students will then place their “flower” into the snack bar.  We added a gummy worm sticking out of the “dirt”.  As a quick assessment before enjoying their snack, have students identify the parts of a flower.

Have more great ideas for teaching your students about flowers?  We would love to hear your ideas below!

You can download the complete flowers set here: Interactive Science Notebook Pages

If you are looking for additional resources to fit your focus on flowers, take a look at our complete writing unit of study on Writing Like a Scientist.

Here are some of our favorite resources to use when teaching about flowers:

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Monday 18th of May 2015

LOVE your resources! Thank you for sharing them! On the flower interactive notebook set, you have the sun labeled as a sprout (most likely from the previous page). Just thought you might want to edit it for future use.

Thanks again!