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Form the Sum Winter Animals Game

Use this free winter math facts game for addition practice with a woodland winter animal theme. Use this free winter math facts game for addition practice with a woodland winter animal theme.If you are searching for more winter math fact games to add to your collection, you’ve found it! This set of games has six different boards for you to use.

This winter math facts game is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner!

Repeated math fact practice with the same games can make it difficult to keep your students engaged. Because of this, we are constantly working to add new options for you to use.

FREE Winter Math Facts Game from The Curriculum CornerUsing this Free Math Game in Your Class

This math facts practice game is designed for partners.

You might use this game at a math center, as an engaging morning entry game or even choose to send it home for family practice.

We have included six board options – this will allow you to have students practice a range of fact families and even make it so you can allow students to practice just what they need.

We suggest printing in color on cardstock and then laminating the boards for durability.

This game is designed to help students practice their math facts. Students pair up and choose a goal sum. They then take turns finding the pairs to form the sum. The last player to make a pair is the winner.

You can choose to have students use markers or laminate the game and circle their addends with a dry erase marker. Use what works best for your classroom!

You can download this free winter math facts game here:
Form the Sum Winter Math Game

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