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Gardening Roll, Read, Keep

Create an engaging literacy center with this Gardening Roll Read Keep game, a free classroom resource from The Curriculum Corner.

This Gardening Roll Read Keep game was created to be an easy to get together spring center in your classroom.

This Gardening Roll, Read, Keep set is designed to be a seasonal set for your classroom.

This new game is created to give your students practice reading words that are commonly used during the spring season. You will find an assortment of 40 word cards. If there are words that don’t fit your focus, you can remove them before having your students play the game.

To extend the use of the cards you are copying, you could create a second set and have students use the cards for a matching game.

Creating Your Gardening Roll Read Keep Games

  1. Print the pages on card stock. We have provided two versions. One in full color, one with less color ink to preserve ink if needed.
  2. Laminate the pages. Cut apart the cards.
  3. Place the cards and a die in a bag for student use. You might store the board and other supplies in a large baggie or manila envelope.

To Play

  1. Students need a board, die and set of cards.
  2. Children begin by placing a card on each spot on the board.
  3. Once the die is rolled, students read the card that corresponds with the number.
  4. If the student can read the word, he or she keeps the card.  The child fills the blank spot with a new word card.
  5. If the student cannot read the word, the word is returned to the bottom of the stack.

You can download this free Gardening Roll Read Keep Game here:

Spring Game

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