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St. Patrick’s Day Word Cards w/ Activities

Use this St. Patrick’s Day word work collection for free seasonal word work practice in your classroom.

Use this St. Patrick's Day word work collection for free seasonal word work practice in your classroom. 

Make your March word work bright and colorful with our St. Patrick’s Day Word Cards and coordinating activities.  These were created to be an easy to put together word work center.

This spring word work set is the perfect seasonal word work for this time of year!

This St. Patrick’s Day word work set is designed to fit into your spring classroom curriculum. We have included a variety of materials to make your planning faster and easier!

To download the whole, free set, scroll to find the bold, GREEN text at the bottom of this post. (Look for St. Pat’s Word Work.)

FREE St. Patrick's Day Word Work Set from The Curriculum CornerHere’s the resources you will find within this St. Patrick’s Day word work set:

Word Cards & Matching Picture Cards – Use these as matching cards or with our write-the-room recording pages. There is also a blank page so you or your students can add additional words & pictures.  (These can also be used with some of the practice pages included in the download.  You might decide to print two or three sets of these cards for student use.)

To set up Write-the-Room: You will choose 5 or 10 word cards (or picture cards or picture cards already matched up with word cards.) Number the cards 1 – 5 or 1 – 10 depending on the recording page you give you students. Place the cards around the room. Students go on a hunt around the room and write the correct word on their recording pages. This is a great way to get your students up and moving during word work time!

Pocket Chart Sentences – We have written five different sentences, each on a different background page to make sorting easier. If you don’t have an available pocket chart, simply have students create their sentences on the floor.

Scrambled Sentence Recording Pages – Use one of the two included recording pages along with the pocket chart sentences. Students will write the sentences they build.

Fluency Sentences –  Students might use these at a fluency center during literacy rotations or you might add to individual student book bags for practice during independent reading.

Task Cards – You will find 6 different task cards that can be used at literacy centers.  A few are used with the other resources found here. Pick the ones that fit your classroom! For the first task cards, provide students with a basket filled with St. Patrick’s Day themed stories.

St. Patrick’s Day Practice Pages :

  • Word Shapes – Words from the word card set.
  • ABC Order – Use word cards for this activity.
  • Show Meaning – Use the fluency sentences for this activity.

Lined Writing Paper – We have included four options so you can use the ones that fit your students.

You can download this St. Patrick’s Day Word Work Here:

St. Pat’s Word Set

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  3. St. Patrick’s Day Write, Read Draw Sentences

Be sure to bookmark this resource so you know where to find it!  Not sure how to do that? Check out our tutorial HERE.

If you are looking for the old version of these resources, you will find them as individual downloads below:
St. Patrick's Day Word Cards w/ Pictures and Activities Includes Recording Pages FREE from The Curriculum Corner | Word Work | Daily 5 | Literacy Centers

St Patick’s Day Word Cards w/ Pictures

Activity Cards  Includes 15 different tasks students can complete with the word cards.  You may have students choose the card you would like them to complete, or have them choose. Activities include writing and movement.  We have also created an assortment of recording pages to be used with the activity cards.

5 line Recording Page (5 short lines)          5 long-lined Recording Page (ideal for sentences)

10 line Recording Page                                 4 Box Recording Page (for illustrating words)

If you came here in search of our old St. Patrick’s Day scrambled sentences, you can download those here:
St. Patrick’s Day Scrambled Sentences

Recording Sheet w/ Pictures   Students unscramble and illustrate two sentences.

Recording Sheet w/ Handwriting Lines

Recordings Sheet w/ Lines