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Supporting Claims with Evidence

Use these free supporting claims with evidence activities from The Curriculum Corner to give your students a little practice.

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Using evidence to support claims can be a challenge for children to master.

This mini-lesson will help students visualize what it means to support claims with evidence.

This download includes a set of task cards along with a graphic organizer for this skill.  

While we created this with the thought of it being a mini-lesson, you can adapt to fit the needs of your students.

For students who are already familiar with this skill, you might be able to place this activity at a center for small group practice. 

This lesson could also be used as a part of your small group instruction if you feel that not all of your students need this skill.

Using Evidence - Teaching Students to Support Claims with Evidence Mini-Lesson and Graphic Organizer FREE from The Curriculum Corner

 Claim & Evidence Mini-Lesson

  • The blue cards are designed to be used as a part of your mini-lesson.
  • Start with this claim: Our class is the greatest.
  • To accompany this claim, we have made an assortment of smaller cards. Some of these are written to be evidence to support the claim. Some of the statements do not belong.
  • As part of your mini-lesson have students determine which cards are the evidence and which cards do not support the claim.
  • You may also decide to conduct your mini-lesson without the evidence cards.
  • You can have your students create their own evidence for the claim.
  • Once the mini-lesson is complete, the cards can be placed at a center for sorting practice.

Claim & Evidence Graphic Organizer

  • Once students have practiced the concept of supporting a claim with evidence, you can use our graphic organizer for independent work.
  • Place at a center along with topic ideas and have students work to write evidence for a claim.  
  • Or, use as a writing option during independent writing time in your classroom.  Students can complete a graphic organizer and transform it into a paragraph using their ideas.  
  • This could also be a writing mini-lesson!  

Have other ideas?  Please share them below so that other teachers can use your great suggestions!

This using evidence to support claims resource will be two separate downloads below. You will need to click on each to download the set.

Download the Claims & Evidence here: Cards

You can download the Claims & Evidence Organizer here: Graphic Organizer

If you are looking for an anchor chart containing evidence based terms for your students, check out our version here:  Evidence Based Terms Anchor Chart.  It is a part of our resources on writing reading response journals in the classroom on The Curriculum Corner 456.