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Touch Math Addition Timed Tests

This set of touch math addition timed tests (0 to 12) was created for those students who use the touch math strategy to help them with their math facts.

You will find various resources within this post:

  • Individual Sets (for each number 0 through 12)
  • Mixed Review Sets (0 to 5, 6 to 10, 0 to 10 and 0 to 12)
  • Doubles and Doubles +1 sets (to 10 and 12)
  • 100 Problem Mixed Review Pages (0 to 5, 6 to 10, 0 to 10 and 0 to 12) 

touch point timed tests from The Curriculum Corner

While learning math facts for memory provides students with the foundation and speed for more difficult concepts as they progress, we know that it can be difficult for some.  That is why we have created these sets of timed tests.  Students can use the touch math strategy to count quickly for correct answers on their math facts.

Not familiar with the strategy?  Here’s a brief description of how it works on addition facts:

  • First, your students need to know that some of the numbers have solid dots and some have open dots.  If the dots are solid they are to be “touched” once with the pencil.  If the dot is open, it is to be touched two times.
  • Have your student begin by putting their pencil on the larger of the two numbers and say that number in their heads.  You may choose to have them say this number aloud if you are teaching the strategy to your whole class or if the student is still learning how it works.
  • After saying the larger number with the pencil on that number, the student then moves the pencil to a solid dot on the smaller number and begins counting up from the number that they said aloud previously.  (You may also wish to instruct students which dots to start with so they don’t touch a solid dot two times.)
  • The student then continues to count up until all the dots have been touched either once (solid) or twice (open).
  • The number where they end after touching all the dots on the smaller number is the answer to the math fact.
  • Again, lots of practice is the key to their success in using this strategy on timed tests.  It will need to be done quickly.

Of course, this strategy and these touch math resources most certainly don’t have to be used while being timed.  They can also be used for practice to help students who may not know their facts, but need a quick and easy way to solve math facts for more difficult math problems.

We have included three pages for each of the smaller sets so that students who are working on the same level test can sit next to each other during testing if needed.  The touch math addition timed tests are in separate downloads described below.

Addition Individual Sets (0s to 12s – 25 problems per page):

Addition Mixed Review Sets (25 problems per page):

Addition Math Fact Strategies: Doubles & Doubles + 1  (Same download – 25 problems per page):

Full Mastery Sets (100 problems per 2-sided test)

Want addition math fact resources without the touch math dots?  Check out this post: Addition Timed Test Resources

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