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Hot Chocolate Counting Clip Cards

These hot chocolate counting clip cards will help your kids practice counting with a fun, winter theme.

Hot Chocolate Counting Clip Cards

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Add these hot chocolate counting clip cards to your math centers for some seasonal counting practice.

We love seasonal themes but are also very aware of the need to choose themes that are appropriate for all students. We’ve landed on hot chocolate as a fun way to bring a seasonal theme into the classroom that is perfect for all students.

We also like that hot chocolate is a theme that you can begin in December and carry through to February. It’s always nice when we can find themes for our classroom that have a little more staying power. 

Hands On Activities

Incorporate hands on counting into your hot chocolate focus by adding marshmallows and mugs to your math center. 

You can supply small and large marshmallows and colorful marshmallows. Students can then sort into groups. You can give your students ideas for how to sort or allow them to come up with their own categories.

Students can also practice counting the marshmallows. 

Wrap up your hot chocolate focus by making a pot of hot chocolate for your class.

hot chocolate counting clip cards

Preparing Your Hot Chocolate Counting Clip Cards

  1. Print on heavy card stock
  2. Laminate the pages for durability
  3. Cut apart the cards
  4. Place the cards at a center with clothespins

You can download your free Hot Chocolate Counting Clip Cards here:

Math Center

You might also like to add the other free resources to your preschool or kindergarten classroom:

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Looking for an easy recipe to make hot chocolate with your class?

We like this one from Cris at Recipes that Crock: Crock Pot Hot Chocolate




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