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4 In a Row Addition Games for Fall

4 In a Row Addition Games for Fall FREEWe’ve created a collection of four in a row games for the fall.  To play, students will need dice and markers.  To play the +1, +2 and doubles games, students roll one dice and follow the directions on the board.  To play the addition and the addition of 2 10-sided dice games, students roll two dice and then find the sum.  The first player to get four in a row is the winner.

These games can be great, engaging review for students who need practice with their addition facts.  Simply print in color and laminate for your next math center.

+1 Board

+2 Board

Double the Number Board

Find the Sum Board

Find the Sum Board for 10-Sided Dice

Fall Color Key Addition - The Curriculum Corner 123

Thursday 7th of September 2017

[…] This set contains four math boards for addition practice: Fall Four in a Row […]